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DX Energy Showcases Innovative Solutions at Ogólnopolski Szczyt Energetyczny (OSE) GDAŃSK 2024

Gdańsk, Poland – June 2024 – DX Energy was proudly become an official partner of Ogólnopolski Szczyt Energetyczny (OSE) GDAŃSK 2024, featuring a booth presentation and an engaging panel discussion. Our team showcased real products at the onsite booth, presenting our cutting-edge residential battery energy storage solutions and smart lighting solutions for public outdoor scenarios. 

Dmitrijs Serdega, Chief Commercial Officer of DX Energy, joined the first panel discussion of the conference titled "Energy Groups Strategies vs Market Reality. New Polish Energy Policy." When asked about how DX Energy plans to contribute to the energy transition in Poland, Dmitrijs explained: 

"We are a Green Energy company with an international setup, enabling us to source the best solutions worldwide and bring them to Poland. Proximity to our customers is crucial for better understanding their needs. For example, today we brought the Unilumin lighting solution as part of our SmartCity solution. This will decrease municipalities' electricity bills for street lighting by 70 to 80%, and reduce maintenance costs significantly, as LED lamp failures are rare.  

Furthermore, if you have an energy project but lack funding, we can provide tailor-made financial schemes. If you lack expertise, we can assist in setting up a tender to help select the best price/quality green energy solution." 

At OSE Gdańsk 2024, we proudly presented our brand and diverse smart new energy solutions to local partners and customers, garnering significant positive feedback and attention. We are excited to expand our presence in the Polish market and other European countries, paving the way for a bright future in green energy. 


Maciej Budziewicz

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