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Residential Case

Updated: Jan 16

Scenario: Residential Solar PV: 4.45KWp

Battery: 10.24KWh EV Charger: 7.4KW

Project Details

The combination of cutting-edge solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and advanced energy storage technologies has been employed to construct an innovative low-carbon residence. This dwelling not only leads the industry but also empowers homeowners with greater control over their energy consumption. Beginning at the source, our commitment lies in providing efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions, enabling residents to manage their energy consumption more flexibly and intelligently.

Spec of Project

  • 11×ReneSola 405W solar PV modules

  • 2×5.12KWh Hoenergy Battery

  • 7.4KW Wallbox EV Charger

Project Summary

The solar PV system generates clean electricity whenever there is sunshine. Excess electricity, beyond the household consumption, is stored in the Hoenergy battery for future use. During nighttime, even in the absence of sunlight, the battery can also store low-cost off-peak electricity from the grid to be utilized during peak hours.

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