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Three Things that you need to know about Grid Connection Application in the UK


The integration of renewable energy systems into the electrical grid requires a thorough understanding of the application process for grid connection. In the UK, this involves obtaining approval from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), responsible for bringing electricity from the national transmission network to residential and commercial users.

Find your DNO in your area

Only two simple steps to find the DNO in your area. Click Electricity Network Association's website link then enter your postcode. That's it!

Figure: Distribution Network Operators in the UK (source from ENA website)

DNO Application Types:

The installed capacity of the solar energy system you have determines the type of application with DNO. There are primarily two options:

1.      Installing first and then applying

2.      Applying first and then installing.

1. DNO G98 Application:

For systems with a per-phase current less than 16A, indicating a single-phase system with a power below 3.68KW or a three-phase system with power below 11.04KW, a DNO G98 application is required. You can proceed with system installation first and then submit the G98 application, but the submission needs to be completed within 28 days.

2. DNO G99 Application:

Systems with a per-phase current exceeding 16A necessitate prior approval from the DNO before installation. The DNO's review process typically spans 2-3 months, and installation can only proceed after obtaining their approval.

DNO Application Fees:

The application for DNO G98 is free of charge, while the DNO G99 application incurs a cost ranging from approximately £300 to £700.

Application Duration:

The processing time for a DNO G98 application is generally around 3 months, whereas a DNO G99 application may take 2-3 months. The volume of applications can influence the overall timeline for approval.

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