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Commercial & Industrial

Abundant EPC resources in the EU. Introduced 10+ EPC with financing or/and fund to solve the projects’ investment issue of the customers, covering 20+countries, incl. PV, BESS and charging dtations.New Paragraph


Avoiding ecnomic losses caused by downtime

Energy storage systems can provide power to critical loads in emergency situations, ensuring energy security.


Efficient and Flexible

Advanced technology enhances PV module efficiency.Easy system expansionSupports on/off-grid operation Improve system reliability


High IP level

Long life with high capacity
Compact design
Flexible scalability by using modular pack

High Quality Battery

Commercial Storage System

  • Microgrid Self-consumption

  • Backup power, Secure grid stability

  • Demand Management, alleviate the burden of electricity bills


Commercial Solution

  • ROI optimal configuration design, smooth expansion


  • Rich experience in multi-vendor integration


  • R&D and production capability of vertical systems for battery products: cells, module, system, BMS


  • Industry top-class test lab facilitated, guarantee the best class of quality and safety


  • Comprehensive Safety design: 0 accidents worldwide


  • 50+ large-scale commercial projects worldwide


System Diagram

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