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Communication Tower

Telecommunication Solution

Application Scenario

  • Remote areas with sparse population, lack of power supply; strong scorching sun and abundant solar energy.
  • A variety of additional energy sources, access to solar energy, wind energy and electricity from the grid.
  • Desert or plateau, severe conditions of high and low temperatures.

Solution for mobile telecom operators

  • Power generation by solar panels during the daytime to meet the energy consumption of the facility; and charge the battery in the meantime.

  • The wind generator and power supply serve as a supplement to ensure the supply of electricity.

  • The lithium battery has a long service life and a wide operating temperature range, and is well adapted to frequent charging and discharging, as well as high and low temperature environments.

  • Smart BMS control, no regular maintenance required.

  • Equipped with inverter module, can supply AC and DC power at the same time.

Easy expansion

DX solution triple the power output while keeps the same footprint

Solution for Green 5G
Solar Power + 5G Power + Lithium Battery
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