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Get Solar Panels with No Upfront Costs
All-in-one solar and battery system

                                                                        Fully installed Solar Panels from £40/ month*
                                                            Save up to £500 a year on energy bill

Get your FREE quote within 1 minutes!
What is the shape of your house's roof?

4kw Solar PV System with 5kwh Battery Storage

Delivery and Full Installation Included


Earn by selling excess energy produced

Significantly reduce electricity bills

Smart App management system

Tier 1 Products with the most competitive price

25 Year Performance Guarantee

Increase your property's value

Choose Your Plan

DX Energy Plus

Get saving with 0 interest loan



5 Years no interest loan

25-year solar efficieny Guarantee

Customized solar and battery system

Industry-leading products

Including solar panels and battery


DX Energy Standard

Buy your solar system upfront



Get your solar system upfront

Save massively on energy bill

2-year workmanship warranty

25-year solar efficieny Guarantee

Including solar panels and battery

Going for solar is easy


Let us know your house

Answer some selection questions within 1 minutes then we will know whether your house is suitable for solar.

Free remote survey

We will do an online survey, using professional solar software to estimate how many panels your roof is able to fit and how much money you will save for a whole year.

Fast Installation

The installation usually finished within a few days. And we take care of everything including on-site survey and scaffolding.

Enjoy the solar system

We will select the system mode that suits you best. Your can also track the status of the system at any time in the APP.

  • Is my room suitable for solar panels?
    Even if your roof doesn't meet the optimal criteria, it can still accommodate solar panels effectively. Consulting with one of our expert allows for tailored recommendations on diverse designs and technologies to optimize your system's efficiency. Our team provides various installation options, ranging from wall-mounted to ground-mounted solar panels, ensuring that transitioning to solar power is feasible for all households, businesses, and communities.
  • Do I need to clean the solar panels regularly?
    Solar panels in the UK are engineered to be self-cleaning, generally requiring minimal maintenance. However, in specific scenarios, such as when panels are located in dry regions prone to dust and bird droppings buildup, or when the panel tilt is less than approximately 5 degrees, occasional cleaning is advised to uphold optimal system performance.
  • What are the advantages of pairing solar panels with a battery installation?
    Having a battery provides independence from the grid, allowing you to utilize your own renewable energy and potentially sell excess power back to the grid during high-demand periods. Combining solar panels with a battery can significantly reduce utility bills by up to 90% and offer the flexibility to store energy from the grid during off-peak hours. With a battery system, you can ensure that solar energy is always captured and utilized efficiently, regardless of whether you're at home or not, providing continuous energy supply day and night.
  • Will solar panels still working when there's not enough light?
    Solar panels remain operational during nighttime hours, although they do not produce electricity in the absence of sunlight. Nevertheless, they continue to generate power even on cloudy days, provided there is some sunlight. The amount of electricity produced is contingent upon the level of available sunlight.
  • Is it necessary to fit solar panels on a south facing roof?
    Solar PV panels function by utilizing light, which is available on all roofs. Many customers opt for east/west facing systems, which generate around 86% of the energy compared to south-facing roofs. This highlights the adaptability of solar technology to various roof orientations, expanding the reach of renewable energy solutions.


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