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Solar Panels on Rooftop


Electricity Repair Work

High Integration

Easy installation & maintenance
Optimal system performance
High ROI with lower cost

Image by NFT gallery

Safe and Reliable

Material Safe
Cell Safe
System Safe
Charging Safe

Image by Mika Baumeister

Long life with high capacity
Compact design
Flexible scalability by using modular pack

High Quality Battery

Residential Solution

Improve the reliability of power supply of household

  • Long life LiFePO4 battery and excellent product design ensure more than 10 years of ultra long service life

  • Full modular design, can add or subtract the number of modules at any time, maintenance and expansion is convenient

  • Specially designed for users, the product status can be displayed quickly and automatically without manual operation

  • Multiple security design, more secure for users


Apartment Scenario

This scenario is perfect for apartment without it's own rooftop, light weight, plug and play.

Modern House

Villa Scenario

With single phase electricity supplier to your house, this scenario generate electricity for your home use. 

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